Environmentally Safe Pourable Fuel for Gel Fuel Devices
Chimney Kraft is proud to be a distributor of a new quality standard in Pourable Gelled Fuel
that can be used in fireplaces, fireplace inserts and party lights designed for gel fuel.
OZOfire™ Pourable Gel is cleaner burning and more eco-friendly than any other gelled fuel.
Formula 4 is a specially formulated gel version of our original OZOfire™ liquid bio-ethanol ... this fuel
consumer waste. OZOfire™ Formula 4 is designed to burn optimally in open cups and refillable
cans. It will not smoke, pollute, or leave toxic residue behind. The only emissions are Water Vapor and
small amounts of Carbon Dioxide - so it’s safe for burning in Interior or Exterior spaces with limited
ventilation. Its lively, bright yellow flame will out-dazzle all other gel fuels.
It’s a Recycled Fuel!
OZOfire™ Formula 4 is not made from corn (or any other food product):
rather it is made from RECYCLED post consumer waste that might have
otherwise ended up in your local land fill.
OZOfire™ Formula 4 is the CLEANEST, SAFEST, and GREENEST bio-ethanol
gel fuel on the market and the only gel fuel available with Color Flames!
OZOfire™ is ‘Certified Safe.... for you and the planet ™’ In fact, because is it
a recycled product, it’s NOW EVEN SAFER FOR THE PLANET.
OZOfire is a perfect fuel source for your Tempest Torch products.